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Transforming India’s Education Space 

 one classroom at a time 

The Why Academy is home to a team of forward-thinking pioneers, who are committed to making a difference, by enhancing the learning environment and experience of students. From making content in schools more student-centric and relevant, to bringing in overhauling changes to the methods of delivery employed in our classrooms - The Why Academy is working towards changing the status quo in education, one classroom at a time. Take a look at one of our expert faculty members, Lohit Sahu, addressing these ideas through the TEDX platform at VIT Vellore and Manipal University below. 

Cultivating The Future of Education

 with students who are ready for the ever-changing world 

Collaborating with stakeholders such as the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), The Why Academy is also working relentlessly to ensure equitable access to quality education. By preparing our schools to be future-ready, we are helping students and educators benefit from the dawn of a new age in education. Take a look at some of our previous work in this arena, including the celebrated project - “Udaan”.

Making Learning Fun and Inventive

 encouraging students to experiment and explore 

Ensuring that the learning process is stress-free and fun is an important part of The Why Academy experience, which we achieve by giving our students the freedom to use their creativity, challenge common misconceptions, and take up innovative projects involving different arts. From rap battles, to Bollywood melodies, and some hilariously confusing interviews - take a look at what makes learning at The Why Academy so unique. 

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